We ran a user survey on this site between October 24th and October 31st 2014. Below are the findings:

1. User's Next Pharmacy visit

We asked our users when they will be going to a pharmacy following their visit to this site.

2. What do our users look for?

The information our users look up on this site.

3. How internet savvy are our users?

The hours our users spend online every day on average.

4. How "connected" are our users?

The social networking sites our users use on a regular basis:

The number of social networking sites our users are connected to:

Additional user feedback

The survey also asked users for any additional information or features they would like to see on our website. Such feedback included users asking for:

1. Healthcare professionals hosted by pharmacies

"What doctors are in what Pharmacy?"

Submitted on October 24th, 4:13pm

"List of doctors/other professionals working there on the day i.e. without listing the absentees."

Submitted on October 25, 7:25am

"List of healthcare professionals hosted by pharmacies searchable by area of specialisation."

Submitted on October 25, 9:35am

"Healthcare professionals visiting hours, and booking an appointment with a healthcare professional."

Submitted on October 26th, 3:04pm

2. Other forms of data

"List of medicines that are out of stock or unavailable at the time of search."

Submitted on October 24th, 3:38pm

"Any special offers specific pharmacies might have."

Submitted on October 25th, 3:23pm

"General information about public health centres."

Submitted on October 27th, 12:19am