Medical Services

4D Ultrasound Scan image

4D Ultrasound

Blood pressure testing

Blood Pressure Check

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Blood Tests

Bone Density Scan procedure

Bone Density Scan

Human Digestive System

Calprotectin Screen Test

ECG paper strip reading

ECG Test

Food is not only essential for survival, eating habits form part of our personal and social character.

Food Intolerance Testing

Dog with upright ears.

Hearing Test

A hormonal imbalance can lead to a variety of symptoms.

Hormone Test

Sample Pregnancy test instrument.

Pregnancy Test

Couple standing near grey metal fence.

STD Testing

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Smear Test (Cervical Screening)

Cigarette butts smoking cessation image.

Smoking Cessation

Sample ultrasound/sonography photo.


Urine testing sample photo.


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Wart Removal

Essential wound care.

Wound care