29th March, 2020

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Mobile Blood Donation Unit

On Sunday 29th March 2020, the mobile blood donation unit will be available in front of the Parish Church in Swatar and at the Govt Berġa in Xewkija, Gozo from 8:30am till 1pm.

If you feel healthy kindly get your ID card and donate blood.

Blood Donation Tips:

  • Eat regular meals and drink enough to keep well hydrated. Avoid alcohol. Never donate blood with an empty stomach as it might make you feel lightheaded.
  • After the donation ends, avoid strenous activity. Take some time for yourself and relax; you deserve it.
  • Your body needs some time to replenish the blood you donated, but most of all it needs lots of fluids. Again, drink enough to keep well hydrated.
  • Feel good about yourself, you have just saved a life.

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