ECG Technicians in Malta and Gozo

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ECG Technicians

An ECG Technician, also known as cardiographer, works with a team of cardiologists and other healthcare professionals. Together they assess and monitor patients' heart and blood vessels.

An ECG technician:

  • operates electrocardiograph (ECG) machines to monitor the patient's heart
  • fits electrodes to the patient's body, ensuring they are correctly connected to the machine
  • takes readings from the ECG, readings the the doctor uses to make decisions about treatment

The ECG Technician might be involved with other types of cardiovascular monitoring and treatment. These include:

  • echocardiography, using ultrasound to create images
  • exercise testing, monitoring patients while they exercise on a treadmill
  • blood pressure monitoring
  • pacemakers and ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillators)
  • remote monitoring of patients
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