Pharmacy and Clinic Services

This section is directed at pharmacy/clinic owner/managers. provides these services for all pharmacies/clinics:

We keep opening hours up-to-date. Simply contact us to keep your pharmacy/clinic's opening hours up-to-date with any updates from your end.

Both your address and map location are very important. Your map location is used in Browse Near Me feature, available only on tablets and mobile phones. As in the case of opening hours, contact us if any address or map location is not accurate or wrong.

To retrieve the correct map coordinates for your pharmacy/clinic:

  • go to Google Maps
  • search for the street or locality your pharmacy's located in; this will take you directly to the street within which you need to fetch coordinates
  • get the exact coordinates; assuming you're on a PC:
    • right-click on the exact location of your pharmacy on the map; a context menu will pop up as a result of your right-click
    • hit "What's here"
    • the exact coordinates (latitude and longitude) will appear in the search bar, top-left of the map on screen: they will be of, for example, this format: 35.858290, 14.531354

Your phone number is of absolute importance. Our users call pharmacies to:

  • confirm opening times when your pharmacy is scheduled as open on Sundays and public holidays
  • set up appointments with healthcare professionals you have listed as attending your pharmacy/clinic
  • simply have questions that should be addressed to the pharmacists manning your pharmacy
In addition to keeping these numbers up-to-date, we also report on how many phone numbers your pharmacy/clinic has received through

We email a report with online activity related to the pharmacies/clinics to their owners/managers. This report details visits and calls effected to your pharmacy/clinic in the previous month, and compares performance to the previous month. Contact us to receive the report for the pharmacies you own/manage.

One of the key features of according to our users is the up-to-date maintenance and clear display of pharmacies opening on Sundays and public holidays.

If your pharmacy is going to be open in addition to the pharmacies already opening as per the roster issued by the Department of Health, we can display your pharmacy's Sunday opening hours as an "extra" roster entry for each roster date.

For examples, you can look at the extra roster entries, on these dates:

In addition, on your pharmacy's page you would see an additional entry in the "Sundays & Public Holidays" section for each roster date.

We charge a € 10 fee for each extra roster entry per roster date when you book 3 or more roster entries. For individual roster entries the fee is € 15.

Note that purchasing Extra Roster Entries results in more customers finding their way to your pharmacy, especially when you open during the afternoon. ranks #1 in Google for searches as "gynaecologist malta", "dermatologist malta", etc. Find out how to advertise the health professionals attending your pharmacy here.

In order to track visitors for each pharmacy, and calls made by those visitors, we track a wealth of data. Examples of what questions this data would answer include:

  • Does Locality A attract more visitors than Locality B?
  • What is Pharmacy A's visitor market share compared to Pharmacy B in the same locality?
  • How many calls did Pharmacy A receive compared to last year? Market share in the same locality?
  • and many more...
The possibilities are endless. Contact us if you have any questions that our data might help you answer.

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