To provide an easily accessible yet comprehensive and up-to-date resource of pharmacies, clinics and general healthcare related information. Location related information should make it easier for people to locate a pharmacy, clinic or private hospital in localities other than where they grew up or currently reside. Roster/schedule related information lists the pharmacies opening on Sundays and Public Holidays.


With the proliferation of mobile devices, including phones and tablets, extra efforts are constantly made to ensure pharmacy.com.mt is properly accessible on all devices.

Data Accuracy

While we aim for all data presented in this Web site to be 100% correct we do rely on external sources for such data. This should always be taken into account when using Pharmacy.com.mt.

Pharmacies Data

We retrieve the list of pharmacies from the Pharmacy Services pages, maintained by the Ministry for Health.

Sundays and Public Holidays Schedule Data

We retrieve the pharmacy rosters from the Pharmacy Roster pages maintained by the Ministry for Health.

Mapping Data on GoogleMaps™

Pharmacy.com.mt attempts to map all pharmacy addresses to proper locations on GoogleMaps™ using the Google Maps API. However not all pharmacy addresses were mapped to the optimal level of precision.

Where the pharmacy address was precisely identified by the API we show the exact pharmacy location on the map. In other cases we matched the street, but not the exact pharmacy address - in these cases the we show the street. In the remaining cases, where neither the precise pharmacy address nor the street were matched, the locality is displayed on the map. It is up to the user to navigate to the pharmacy's street using Google Maps™.

In any case the user is told what the map displays when he is viewing a pharmacy's details. I.e. whether it's the pharmacy, the street or the locality.

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